Vw passat vcds codes

Starter Relay, Circuit Low. Starter Relay, Circuit High. Generator Control, Circuit Malfunction. Generator Lamp, Control, Circuit. Fuel Cap Lamp, Control, Circuit. Power Steering Control, Circuit. Power Steering Control, Circuit Low.

VAG Option Codes

Power Steering Control, Circuit High. Intake Air Heater Control Circuit. Speed Control Lamp Control, Circuit. Sensor B reference Voltage, Intermittent. Sensor B reference Voltage, Circuit Low.

Sensor B reference Voltage, Circuit High. Injector Cylinder 9 NCircuit Malfunction. Injector Cylinder 10 NCircuit Malfunction. Injector Cylinder 11 NCircuit Malfunction. Injector Cylinder 12 NCircuit Malfunction. Bypass Flap filter valve Nshort circuit to ground. Bypass Flap filter valve Nopen circuit. Intake manifold runner bank 2, upper limit not reached. Intake manifold runner bank 2, lower limit not reached.

Sensor for NOx Gsignal to slow. Fuel pressure regulator valve Nshort to ground. Fuel pressure regulator valve Nopen circuit. Regulating valve for fuel pressure N of mechanical errors.

Activation intake manifold flap for air stream regulation, short to ground. Activation intake manifold flap for air stream regulation, open circuit.

Intake Manifold Tuning Valve Nupper limit not reached. Intake Manifold Tuning Valve Nlower limit not reached. Heater Activation sensor for NOx, short to ground. Heater Activation sensor for NOx, open. Supply fuel injector s A, shorted. Supply fuel injector s A, electrical malfunction in circuit. Supply fuel injector s B, short circuit. Supply fuel injector s B, electrical malfunction in circuit.

Fuel injector voltage supply C, short circuit. Fuel injector voltage supply C, electrical malfunction in circuit.Remember Me? Results 1 to 10 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Unplugging the Left rear sensor changes it to short to earth Checking feeds at the sensor - Right rear has battery voltage on 1 pin and very small voltage on the other pin Left rear has about 4.

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vw passat vcds codes

I have a weird sense of Deja Vu with this problem, but can't place where I heard it before. Lock-down of sick people: Quarantine Lock-down of healthy people: Tyranny. Ive done some more testing and took some signals from the Right rear sensor cant get correct readings as it looks like you need a micro amp clamp which I dont have Testing the supply voltage and voltage on the retun pin. Forgot to say, I have also tested the wires from the ABS pump to the Sensor and both wires have good continuity flicking between Ohm resistance.

Speed sensor with wht is only sensor and no kit. DGMotors liked this post. As I had some more time yesterday - Inspection by the ABS pump shows nuts and other items like animals have been in there, but no sign off any damage to wires Check the power and earth feeds at the ABS pump I tested the 2 wires from the ABS unit to the Left rear for voltage drop - Under load both wires tested fine. The backordered sensor from VW came in this morning and fitting that cured the problem straight away.

In Conjunction with And now I'm having the same fault with customer car. Sensor replaced by dealership and when that didn't help, they replaced bearing Will try to extend wiring next time i see the car. Today only quick scan. No way, just no way. I checked the car today and guess what i pulled from abs hole? A Passat B6 sensor with 1k0.

The bill said it had new WHT Code sensor. I had a 1k0 Code sensor lying around and before opening new sensor i tried that - all Lights were gone, Even without vcds. Not only wrong sensor was installed, it was also broken. No way I'm telling You.

vw passat vcds codes

All times are GMT The time now is AM. All rights reserved. Ross-Tech is not affiliated with the Volkswagen Group in any way.Altitude Adaptation, Signal Out of Tolerance.

Camshaft adjustment oil temperature sensor Gopen or short to ground. Camshaft adjustment oil temperature sensor Gimplausible signal. Idle regulation lean operation: RPM too high. Power Supply Terminal 30, Voltage too Low. Internal Control Module, Malfunction. Internal Control Module, Driver Error. Vehicle speed signal, Error message from instrument cluster.

Steering angle signal, Error message from steering angle sensor. Crash shut-down activated. Control Module defective. Electronic Control Module Incorrect Coding.

Engine coolant temperature signal, Short to Ground. Data Bus Powertrain, No Communication.

vw passat vcds codes

Data Bus Powertrain, Malfunction. Data Bus Powertrain, Missing Messages. Radiator exhaust control 1, short-circuit after pluses. Radiator exhaust control 1, short-circuit after mass.

Radiator exhaust control 2, short-circuit after pluses. Radiator exhaust control 2, short-circuit after mass. Speed signal error message of the ABS controller. Reset-Resistant Limp-Mode Active. Control Unit Programming, Programming not Finished.

Control Unit Programming Communication Error. Control Unit Error Programming Error. Malfunction Indication Light K83Open. Brake pressure switch Fimplausible signal. Cannot activate controller Reply Function due to another error with equal priority.

Kick Down Switch Malfunction. Transmission faulty. Interference in Mechatronic Module. Starter Interlock, Circuit Open. Starter Interlock, Circuit Short to Ground. Tiptronic Switch up, Circuit Short to Ground. Clutch temperature, control. Clutch pressure, adaptation at limit. Clutch torque, adaptation at limit.TDI s : A lot will carry over from other models, but this will give one spot to look for Passat owners.

Here's a list of links: Enable Rain Sensing Wipers. Enable Rain Closing Feature. Shuts all the windows and sunroof when the alarm is set and the windshield gets wet. As of April we do not know how to enable remote control of the windows. Enable the factory perimeter alarm. This is a very basic alarm system. Many cars didn't have this turned on from the factory. Thanks, -Jason. Past: Sold to JDSwann's Brother. Bought back by VW.

It means a lot to me! I'll have to go look at the car again, I want to give the exact bits I checked. The version I had didn't have descriptions for the long coding bits. This is a factual reference thread, not an argument about history and semantics. All are advised to keep it civil and think before posting. Last edited by Niner; May 3rd, at The latest version and the one that should be used is Release I thank ye very kindly Jason I had to click both box 6 and box 7 to get mine to work, 3 was already clicked.

With only box 7 checked I kept on getting an 08 configurationThanks In Advance, Lee. Press and hold window switch to open window, once the window is fully open, continue holding switch for 3 seconds, press and hold window switch to close window and hold for 3 seconds after fully closed, test and enjoy.

It is usually referred to as resetting the window's "pinch protection". If you didn't already know about this, my only surprise it that you only see this error on one window. Did you try resetting it bit somehow it failed on this one?

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I have seen that happen, where you have to reset one window more than once. Have Fun! Well, good to know the VCDS wasn't lying; the right rear window will not go all the way down.

vw passat vcds codes

I'll have it corrected at the upcoming 30K service. Wasn't aware the windows need to be reset each time the battery is connected -- thanks for the heads-up! Thread Tools. All times are GMT The time now is TDI Club Cards.

TDIFest Gone, but not forgotten. VAG-Com List. Unit Conversions. TDIClub Chat. Thank You. User Name. Remember Me?

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Send a private message to Hypermile. Find More Posts by Hypermile. Posting Rules.Ross-Tech is not responsible for any damage or problems that may result from following these instructions. They are to be used at your own risk.

Note: For many and older vehicles, the previous generation Central Electronics module is installed. Drivers heated seat memory The Driver side heated seat level i. Click on each of the Bytes and Bits for the documented options and check or un-check the appropriate boxes as shown in the example below:. Check or Un-check the boxes for the desired results. Close the Long Coding Helper by clicking the Windows X box on the top right of the screen or clicking the Exit button on the top left of the screen to send your altered Coding value back to the Coding screen.

Daytime Running Lights - The lamp systems i. Note: Depending on the Byte 18 coding, this may result in all of the parking lights illuminating. Notes: After "Cornering Lights via Front Fog Lights active" is enabled, the lights may work under the following conditions:. Byte 18 - Do Not alter this if you are not retrofitting rear lights! Options are primarily found in Coding, Long Coding helper.

Some Adaptation Channels may be available after enabling coding options. Staging The gauge needles should sweep from default to max upon starting the car. This is Not supported on all instrument clusters. Note, For some reason, VW does not allow the sunroof to be opened using the remote, only closed, despite the presence of a checkbox indication for that feature. Additional Adaptation Channels may be available after enabling coding options.

Some of the common retrofits are found in the Ross-Tech Wiki in this location: Retrofitting. Jump to: navigationsearch. Navigation menu. Tools Log in.The type of diagnostics that can be done range from engine related problems such as diesel ignition timing to coding a new electronic control unit ECU.

The VCDS diagnostic system uses a more detailed manufacturer protocol commands and allows the user to access all the diagnostics that have been installed in the vehicle provided it is a Volkswagen or Audi. On of the key components to good vehicle maintenance, repair or upgrade is to make sure that you have the right tools and know how to use them.

Using the VAG-COM diagnostic tool will show you the state of your engine, how it is performing and then you can make the required adjustments to ensure that your car runs as economical as possible and reliably.

It then codes them into 4 character codes which are simple to understand and each one is related to the performance of the vehicle.

There are thousands of different codes and by using the VCDS system it will direct you to exactly where the problem is lying.

In short, if you have a Volkswagen or an Audi there you no longer the need to guess what is wrong with the car or doing modifications by trial and error. The great thing about the VAG-COM diagnostic system a person no longer has to visit the dealer and pay an astronomical price for the service but you can do it right from your home. After the software has been downloaded onto your laptop… start the VCDS from the shortcut icon on your computer and the main screen will appear.

It will show all the options that are available. Then you select the port or USB that it is connected to. Press the test button and the test window will show. To test the vehicle you will need the cable that plugs into the car and the plug is in the vehicle cab normally placed somewhere in the dash of the car. Each chassis number have different control modules that exist across the VW and Audi range and with newer cars, there are more control modules and the reason why the chassis number is important is that not one of the cars have all the modules.

The newer models that have a full CAN diagnostic system a person can use the auto detect function of the software. The VAG-COM directory has a file for all the vehicle profiles and it can be edited if you press the hyperlink above the chassis type. If you are not sure of which controllers you have in your car you can use the control module finder. Press the start and the auto scan will start. This process can take a while but after it is completed the lines that are printed in Red are where there are faults.

You click on these and the fault codes can be cleared. Using fuel trim as an example the VAG-COM will check the current status of the fuel trim and in this case, you need to check the appropriate group for the vehicle. Once you have accessed the code you will find two percentages. The first percentage is when the car is idling and the second percentage is when the car is operating at faster speeds.

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